Trading terminal optimization

How to optimize your Fort Financial Services trading platform?

During the high market activity some traders may face the internet traffic heavy consumption, as well as the trading terminal and PC delays in general. Following the simple optimization measures allows you to improve the efficiency from 5 to 70 % depending on root of the problem.

First step: Number of contracts

The big number of contracts added in “Market Watch” window can easily affect the orders execution speed. It is required to hide unused contracts in order to avoid any potential delays. The steps for this are as follows:

  • Right mouse click on "Market Watch" and choose "Hide All" line :

  • Then right mouse click again on "Market Watch" and choose "Symbols" line:

  • Add a contract you would like to trade on:

  • As it is done you can save your personal set of contracts for further use. For example, in another trading terminal.

Second step: History depth

In case the first step does not give any results it is required to limit the history depth shown simultaneously. The steps for this are as follows:

  • Go to the terminal settings:

  • Click on "Charts" and decrease the number of simultaneously bars shown:

  • Allowed news flow might affect the proper terminal work and cause delays as well. In case you do not use this function you shall untick “Allow news” line:

As soon as these requirements are applied you need to restart the trading terminal to allow new settings come into force.

The aforementioned instructions allow you to perform the terminal optimization and increase its efficiency. However, we remind you that the main criteria of performance quality is the quality of the computer/gadget hardware used.

In case all the performed actions won’t bring any results and you use the up-to-date hardware and stable internet connection ( required to have not less than 1 Gb of RAM, 1000 MHz as processor frequency, internet speed not less than 128 kbit/sec) you shall contact our Support team via on-line chat by means of your Personal cabinet.