Downloading the terminal

We offer you to begin trading using the most popular, versatile and convenient platform: the MetaTrader4 trading terminal. Using this platform, you can open deals to buy and sell currency pairs on the Forex market, shares of large companies and futures contracts (CFD on futures). Convenient built-in indicators will help you to quickly carry out technical analysis of the market situation, the constant news flow allows you to always be aware of the global situation and the possibility of trading with the help of advisors saves you from being in front of the computer screen all the time. One big plus about MetaTrader is the intuitive interface that allows you to quickly adapt to its basic functions. Furthermore, our detailed training system will help you. To start using the terminal now, you need to download and install MetaTrader on your computer.

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Working with charts

Of course, the main part of the terminal is made up of price charts that show the prices of different tools. All quotations are received in a continuous stream on MetaTrader, graphically appearing as curved lines, bars, and candlesticks. With the help of these features, you can get all the necessary information regarding the minimum and maximum price over a certain period of time, and determine whether the price increased or decreased. The majority of trading decisions are taken on this basis, and on the history graphs that are also stored in the terminal; all the trading strategies are built in. You can customize your workspace in the terminal to suit you: change the background color and the chart data, move information windows, install various graphic indicators, run the electronic advisors, monitor how they function and, if needed, change their code. Download MetaTrader now and check for yourself how easy it is to use, including its dozens of useful features that are not available on other trading platforms.

Opportunities for Market Analysts

We have already mentioned indicators, which greatly simplify your work with price charts and help to conduct technical analysis. For graphical analysis, the terminal has all the necessary support levels and graphs: vertical, horizontal, trend lines, Fibonacci and Gann lines, channels of linear regression and trends. They can be set anywhere on the chart, stretched, rotated and expanded in any direction you want. For professionals who prefer to use customized indicators, there are possibilities to easily add them to the terminal in any quantity.

Trading Capabilities of the Terminal

By installing the MetaTrader program onto your computer, you can access all the tools that are traded on various exchanges around the world. The quotation flow, the ability to make trades to make a profit, set loss limits and instigate pending orders - all this and more will be available for you in a concise and convenient terminal. To make your first deal, just select the tool, click on the “New Order” button and choose what you want to do: to buy or sell. That's all, the order is set! You can open as many positions as you need to deposit your trading account and withdraw the money you earned; it can be done in the office or even on the shore of picturesque lake, depending on the availability of Internet access. After placing the order, you will be able to manage it: to limit potential losses by using stop loss, to set the level of closing with a profit (take profit) or if you wish you can close the order at any time.

Automatic Trading on the MT4 Platform

For those who do not want to waste time in front of a computer screen waiting for the right moment to enter the market, suitable trade advisors can be used. Some trading robots are built into the MetaTrader terminal, but you're not just limited to the current package list. You can download your favorite expert from the web. For example, by searching for "free download Metatrader advisor”. However, we believe that over some time you can develop a trading robot by yourself using the MQL4 programming language. You can also do this directly in the terminal.

Our company does not prevent the use of automated trading systems in any case, quite the contrary: we offer you to obtain a free dedicated server for the smooth operation of your electronic advisor. So, you will be able to pass some trading decisions on to the robot and pass the responsibility for the safety and reliability of the connection information to on a VPS.

Download the MetaTrader terminal and start learning about it through our education system and start earning on the Forex market!