Make deals directly from the trading chart! You no longer need to open the “New order” window, choosing a tool and select the required volume each time and only then send a request for the execution of a transaction. This wastes valuable time; you could miss the right time to enter onto the market. Now you can simply click directly on the chart of the tool you are interested in, click “buy” or “sell” at the right moment and the order is instantly executed! You specify the desired amount in advance and it has no "memory effect", even after restarting the terminal. All of this has become possible through the One Click Trading free service.

How do I activate One Click Trading?

In order to turn on this option, in the terminal select “Tools” then “Options” on the top menu bar.

Then click “One click trading” on the “Trading” tab.

In order to get this item, you need to agree with our Disclaimer. It says that you understand that now your transactions will be executed immediately without prompts; even if you accidentally click on the “buy” or “sell” button, the deal will immediately open.

After you click OK, in the upper left corner of the chart (by the name of the tool), you will see a small arrow, through this you can show or hide the trading panel for One Click Trading:

Now, when you click on “buy” or “sell”, you will open a deal. Its volume can be pre-set in the window in the middle of the panel.

Successful trading, now with just one click with Fort Financial Services!