Each contract group of CFD futures, which you will find in our trading platform, has a trading deadline. This is the date of expiry, which is specified on a special table on our website in the section CFD Futures Specifications.

However, even if you forget about the appointed time, we will warn you about it two days before the expiration date by sending an e-mail to your mail terminal. It will contain a specified list of all tools that are going to expire, and the exact auction end time of this contract. In any case, priority is given to the expiration time, which is listed on our website in the Specifications section, even if the e-mail notifications or other sources of other information are available.

On the appointed day and hour, the futures contracts that are subject to expiry, are automatically set to "Read only". At the same time, our technical support closes all open transactions on such tools. This happens at the latest market prices (the bid price for items to purchase, but at the ask price for short positions). Pending orders are cancelled and then all expired contracts are removed from the terminal.

Please pay attention to the fact that the closer to the date of expiration, the higher the possibly for lower liquidity and higher volatility on the expiring contract. During this period, a significant price gap cannot be excluded, gaps that can affect you in the open position. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully evaluate the risks and to pay special attention to transactions that are open on the futures expiring in next 2-3 days.

In addition to future contracts with near and far delivery months, you can find information contracts on our server with the suffix "_CONT", when trading is not available. A non-stop stream of quotes comes to the nearest contract to expiration in each CFD futures tool group.