We suggest you to find out more about all types of accounts offered and make the right choice by reading the following below:

For Meta Trader 4 platform:

Account type Fort Flex Pro
Standard Newbie
Open an account Open an account Open an account
Account currency USD/EUR /RUB
USD Cents */ EUR cents *
USD Cents * USD
Price Accuracy (Decimal digits) 4 digits 5 digits
Web Trader Available
Spread Fixed
(from 2 point)
(from 0.3 point)
(from 0.1 point)
Execution Instant Execution
from 0.3 seconds
Market Execution
from 0.3 seconds
Market Execution
from 0.1 seconds
Commissions Forex - No; CFDs from 10$ **** 1.5$-9$ **
Minimum deposit 5$ 500$
Leverage 1:10, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000 *** 1:1000 1:10, 1:50, 1:100
Margin call / Stop Out USD/ EUR: 50% / 25%
USD Cents/ EUR cents: 30% / 10%
30% / 10% 80% / 40%
Minimum order size 0.01 lots 0.1 lots
Maximum order size 100 lots
Swap Free accounts Available No
Bonus on deposit 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% No No
Dividents *****
(yearly interest rate deposited monthly on account balance)
USD/ EUR: 5%
USD Cents/ EUR cents: 3%
No No

Other platforms:

Account currency USD USD USD
Execution Fastest
Commissions Forex(only cqg): from 3$, Futures from 3$ No
Minimum deposit 2500$-5000$ 1000$ 100$
Margin call / Stop Out 100% No
Minimum order size 1 lot 10 USD
Maximum order size No 1500 EUR
Swap Free accounts No
Bonus on deposit No
Dividents No
More info CQG NINJA TRADER Binary options

* For Cent accounts there is a limit on the number of open positions for one contract, the maximum number is 10 standard lots. For Newbie accounts it is 0.1 standard lot. Storage time of orders history - 90 days

** Commission is calculated for each transaction (opened and closed). When the monthly turnover for the account is up to 500 lots the commission is 9$, for 1500 the commission is 7.5$, for 3000 - 6$, for 5000 - 4.5$, for 7000 lots - 3$ from 7000 lots - 1.5$.

*** 1:1000 Leverage is available when the balance is up to 1,000$. 1:500 Leverage is available when the balance is up to 5,000$. 1:200 Leverage is available when the balance is up to 20,000$. 1:100 Leverage is available when the balance is up to 100,000$. 1:33 Leverage is available when the balance is 100,000$ or more. If the balance on your account increases, then the leverage will decrease automatically. The Company reserves the right after the closing of Friday’s trading session to change the leverage up to 1:33 for the orders on FOREX and SPOT markets which are opened by the Client 60 minutes or less before the end of Friday trading session. After changing the leverage, if the Stop Out level is reached on the Client’s account, the open positions will be closed involuntarily according to the rules described in this Reglament.

**** Special conditions apply for trading of calendar spread, trading of intra-exchange spread and trading of inter-exchange spread (a position opened at any time - during 60 minutes - on any side or in opposite directions with an equal volume of contracts). These contracts derive from "underlying commodity assets", the same position opened with the same futures contract, but in the opposite direction including USOIL, UKOIL and spot metals. If such transactions remain open for more than 3 days, the Company reserves the right to charge an additional 10$ as a daily fee per standard lot in order to rollover, plus an amount equal to the current market spread for open contracts.

***** Available for accounts with swaps

Fort Financial Services understands that everyone turns to trading with different objectives, levels of knowledge and financial resources. Based on years of experience in this field, the company's employees have developed an optimal system of accounts, which takes on board the needs of each trader and creates favorable conditions for any trading decisions.

Clients of Fort Financial Services can select one or multiple accounts of different types: Forex Demo Account, "Beginner account", Forex Cent account with floating or fixed spread, as well as three types of standard real forex accounts (Fort, Flex or PRO) in dollars, euros or rubles.

Fort Financial Services offers new traders several solutions to get started in the Forex market:

  1. A training demo account, through which you will get to know the terminal device, the process of trading, as well as be able to develop your own trading strategy. Despite the fact that the profit is virtual, the trading experience is realistic.
  2. A special Beginner's account and our company will compensate 10% of the loss of each of your unsuccessful transactions.
  3. A Fort or Flex type account, whichever you consider most appropriate for the work in the Forex market. Undergo the procedure of identity verification and get a no deposit bonus of 5$ (or equivalent amount in other currencies), where you can learn to trade in the real world.

After registering on the Company's website, the traders is required to download FortFS Terminal or use mobile applications, with which they are able to enter into the opening of a trading account. In the Trader's Room, functional account management is presented: the choice of payment systems for input and output of funds, monitoring of bonuses and other incentive shares from the Company, financial statistics, and more.

FORT account

The FORT account: this type of account comes with a rigidly fixed spread for tools such as Forex.

The FORT account is for those who prefer to trade tools with a fixed spread and want to know its size in advance. Opening a FORT account, regardless of what is currently happening in the market, the level of volatility and liquidity of the spread on the chosen tool is rigid as spelled out in the contract specification.

For example: if, under the contract, the spread of the EUR/USD is 2 points, then it will always be so. However, there may be rare exceptions to this rule: exceptional events that are described in the Rules of Trading Transactions (for example, the explosions in New York on 11 September 2001 and the ensuing panic on the market). However, we emphasize that these events are extremely rare and even in these cases the spread on your instrument will only change slightly and briefly.

If you plan to use a trading strategy that is based on a fixed spread, your strategy does not include scalping, and  you want to use trading robots (advisers) - then choose Fort account.

FLEX account

The Flex account is a type of account with a floating spread and increased accuracy of quotation.

Spread size may vary depending on the market situation, the level of volatility, liquidity or the receiving of important news. Please note: the floating spread may vary either on the higher or lower side.

If you are an experienced trader, your trading strategy takes into account the changes in the volatility and liquidity of the market or you would prefer to do pips trading in a highly liquid market, then choose a FLEX account.

PRO account

Pro Account is a type of account with floating interbank spread.

On this type of account the Customer has direct access to interbank liquidity via MetaTrader 4. Spreads range from 0.1 points for the pair EUR/USD. Even during breaking news or lower night liquidity, the spread for this pair rarely increases to more than 1.5 standard points.

Each Client's transaction is redirected to our dedicated bridge and then to one of the providers of liquidity, which offers the best price for Customer orders. The transfer of the order from our server to the liquidity provider is less than 15 milliseconds, which practically eliminates the possibility of slippage due to changing prices. After the execution of the order on the server liquidity provider, the Customer receives exactly the same price at which the transaction was confirmed to the Client, thereby eliminating conflicts of interest between the Company and the Fort Financial Services Client.

It really is a revolutionary proposal, along with guaranteed quality service and a comfortable, familiar terminal, Meta Trader gives you unlimited earning opportunities as a trader.

Cent account

Each of the FORT and FLEX real accounts gives you the choice of full currency trading standard or cents.

In the event that you go to enter the market with a minimum deposit (from 5 dollars), it will be more convenient for you to trade on an account in which your balance will be displayed in U.S. cents or EURO. So, if you refill your account with 5 dollars, you will see 500 cents (1 dollar = 100 cents). For example, by selecting the account FORT Cent USD, you will open the deal with rigidly fixed spread, and your balance, profit and loss will be displayed in U.S. cents. For these accounts we set high leverage (up to 1:1000), and because of this you can begin trading with a minimum amount of collateral: only 2 cents.

If you are a novice trader and already want to try your hand at the real Forex market, or want to try out a new trading strategy, but are not willing to risk large sums of money, choose a Cent account.