1. Go to "CLIENTS" menu and choose "Deposit menu" subsection
  2. Choose the desired payment method and click "DEPOSIT" (in this case skip the step 3).
  3. Go to “My accounts” page and select an account where you want to make a deposit to. Click the menu icon to the right of the account you want to deposit to and select "Deposit" submenu and you will be redirected to a “Deposit” page.This page can also be accessed directly via main menu and then a required account has to be chosen.
  4. Choose “RBK Money” in the list of all the payment systems.
  5. Indicate the amount you wish to deposit on your Fort Financial Services trading account. If you wish to get a bonus on your deposit, you have to put a tick next to “Get the bonus” or "Get Support Margin Bonus". After that, click “Continue”.
  6. You will be redirected to the secured connection of “RBK Money” payment system. Enter the card number, date of expiry and CVC code and click "CONTINUE".
  7. Then you will be redirected to the website of the bank that issued the card, in order to confirm your payment (for example, using the SMS-code or access code).Enter the actual validation code and confirm the action.
  8. If all the data is valid, then a message will appear saying that your payment has been completed successfully.
  9. The status of your request can be tracked in your “Finance History” page in Trader’s room.