Setup and connection guide.

Downloading and installation of Ninja Trader.

1.Download your Ninjatrader using the link given after the registration is completed.

2.Follow the instructions during the installation.

3.If necessary (in case the correspondent message appear during the setup), download .NET 3.5 from Microsoft website or using the link given after filling in the registration form. As soon as you install .NET 3.5 continue the installation of Ninjatrader.

First start and sever connectivity.

1.To start the program press double click on Ninjatrader icon on your desktop.

2.At first startup, you will be asked to enter the license code.

3.After the program is launched, it is necessary to setup the server connectivity. In “Control Center” menu go to “Tools” – “Account connections” section. Do not choose any of already listed connections. There press “Add” and then “Next” button..

4.Set the new connection name as Demo for example and continue by pressing “Next” button. Do not perform any other changes..

5.Enter the user name and password sent to your e-mail. Make sure that you ticked “Demo Mode”. Then press “Next” and click “Finish” button. Close “Account Connections” window.

6.To check the server connectivity go to “File” – “Connect” – “Connection name” in “Control Center” window. At bottom-left corner “Control Center” window the status will be set as “Connected”. In case of unsuccessful connection, an error message will be displayed..

Each time after you run Ninjatrader you shall not forget to set the server connection: In “Control Center” window, choose “File” – “Connect” – “Server name”.

Instrument manager.

Instrument manager allows you to make a list of trading instruments and edit the properties of those.

  • To open instrument manager choose “Tools “– “Instrument Manager” in “Control Center” window..
  • Add the available instrument to your list
  • In the opened table choose the name of your trading instruments list (set as "Default”)
  • Select the needed instrument in the table.
  • If necessary the properties of the instrument may be changed by pressing “Edit” button.

Note: you have to use Instrument filter, name (by ticker) lookup or by its description, after the searching criteria setting is done press “Search” button.

Сharts management.

To make a new chart you have to.

  • Open “Control Center” and press “File” – “New” – “Chart”
  • In the appeared window at left select the required instrument
  • Press “New” button at the lower left side
  • At the right side set the required parameters in the property sheet to new chart
  • Press “Ok” button;

To open the context menu press right mouse click in free chart space.

Ninjatraders allows you to see the closing time of bar/candle (while Meta Trader not). Time is set the same as on your local PC/gadget. Chart samples in XML format are kept in the catalogue

C:/Users/<User_Name>/Documents/NinjaTrader 7/templates/Chart


Work with static bars

To open a new static bar press File – New – Static SuperDOM in Control Center menu

If this optiont of the menu is missing, this means that your product license does not allow you to work with static bars. You can request to add this function by contacting our customer support service.

Press right mouse click in the inactive space of a bar and choose Properties command.

Select the needed volume in vertical direction: Number of price rows

To set the middle mouse button functions as a Stop placing instead of Stop-limit, define it as “True” in “Middle mouse button is market” section.

To replace a centering from button-right to a top corner: define it as “True” in “Relocate center button” section.

To display the total volume of bids and offers define it is as “True” in “Show cumulative depth” section. .

To highlight the maximum and the minimum prices of a current day define it as “True” in “Show daily low/high markers.

To show quick buttons for the order placing define it as “True” in “Show quick buttons” section..

To enable one-click stop and take usage define it as “True” in “Single click order modification” section.

To accept new settings press “OK” button (the dialogue window is closed) or “Apply” (the dialogue window remains opened).

To set these settings for each new bar by default press “Set Default” button.

super dom

Orders placing and closure.

When you run any order placing or closure operation the program asks you to confirm your actions by default e.g – Do want to place this order?“

To disable this function go to Tools – Options and untick “Confirm placement order” in “Control Center” menu.