Fort Financial Services provides exceptional service to each client by offering an extended list of privileges, bonuses, and services for those who reach VIP status. Not only does it have prestige, but it is also very convenient and profitable.

VIP status is assigned to clients, whose total balance of trade accounts in the MetaTrader 4 system has reached 25 000 USD, excluding bonuses (or its equivalent in another currency). This VIP status will be cancelled if the account balance drops to less than 25 000 USD. However, if the trader's total account balance stays above 25 000 USD for 3 months in a row, the VIP status will be retained for an extra 30 calendar days after the balance drops below that amount. You can access specific benefits that will open you to a new level of trading listed below:


  • Applications to withdraw funds will be processed within 3 business office hours.
  • Automatically provide an additional interest-free loan from the company to prevent the upcoming margin-call activation if needed.
  • Compensation from the company on any commission for deposits and withdrawals.
  • We provide a personal secured online safety deposit box. Which can be used for withdrawing, depositing and saving funds.
  • Priority information on company loyalty programs, as well as the opportunity to participate in promotions specifically designed for VIP clients.
  • Higher interest rate accrued on the free balance of the trading account.


  • The processing of written requests from VIP client within 3 hours during working office hours.
  • Resolve any issue with the help of the company representative over the phone, when requested from the VIP Client.
  • One contact individual. Resolving any issues (technical, financial, communications) through the same VIP client concierge.
  • Providing high quality, unique, analytical reports from the world's leading research agencies and partners FREE of charge!


  • Individual loss limits, set by the VIP client in their Trader's Room, from which warning messages will be sent to email or SMS, after which they can be locked into the trading account.
  • Monthly compensation of up to 30% of the commissions and spreads charged by the company and the liquidity providers.
  • Possibility to connect an individual Rebate service to all VIP customer accounts.
  • Lowered commission for ECN PRO accounts.