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10.12.2016 05:08Weekly Trading Forecast: FOMC Promises Year-End Fireworks 
10.12.2016 04:54Will the US Dollar Rise After a Fed Rate Hike? Maybe Not. 
10.12.2016 01:55US Dollar Remains a Buy versus the Yen, but Watch Critical Week Ahead 
10.12.2016 01:48Energy & Pending Inflation Turning a Corner To Boost Canadian Dollar 
10.12.2016 01:41Kiwi Shrugs-Off Resignation of PM Key as Wheeler Signals End of Rate-Cut Cycle 
10.12.2016 01:36Yuan Futures Show Downtrend to Continue after FOMC Meeting 
10.12.2016 01:31Fate of GBP/USD Relief Rally Hinges on FOMC/BoE Rate Decisions 
10.12.2016 01:24Australian Dollar Wobbles But Won’t Fall Down 
9.12.2016 16:58Bullish USD/JPY Momentum Remains Intact Ahead of FOMC Meeting 
9.12.2016 14:30Next Week’s Economic Headlines to Bring a Plethora of Pressure Points 
9.12.2016 13:00US Dollar (DXY) Regaining Bullish Posture; Rising Yields Hit Yen 
9.12.2016 10:00Improving U. of Michigan Survey to Propel Post-ECB EUR/USD Losses 
9.12.2016 07:42Gold Price Upswing May Precede FOMC Rate Decision 
9.12.2016 06:02Yen Falls as Stocks Rise, US Dollar May Decline as FOMC Looms 
8.12.2016 19:45GBP/USD Weakness to Be Viewed as Opportunity 
8.12.2016 15:54EUR/USD Bear-Flag Persist as ECB Talks Down ’Taper Tantrum’ 
8.12.2016 15:54EUR/USD Bear-Flag Persists as ECB Talks Down ’Taper Tantrum’ 
8.12.2016 12:00ECB Has High Burden of Proof to Weaken Euro Today 
8.12.2016 10:37Crude Oil Prices Drop as OPEC Deal Cheer Dissipates 
8.12.2016 08:16Euro May Rise Even if the ECB Extends and Expands QE Effort 
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