Newbie Account

At present, trading on the Forex market is attracting an increasing number of Internet users. Every day, thousands of people are seeking to learn the profession of trader, both as a prestigious and lucrative activity. However, to start successfully working and earning through Forex, every trader needs to have knowledge of and experience with financial markets. Specifically designed for newcomers, our team has developed a special type of trading account that provides an additional safety net against possible losses. We understand that you are just making your first steps into trading, so we are prepared to compensate for part of your financial loss from losing trades. With our service, learning how to trade on FOREX with Fort Financial Services has become even safer!

In case your position closes with a deficit, your Flex Newbie Account will be credited 10% of the amount of the loss as a form of support from our company. This compensation may be used in future transactions or withdrawn from the account without any restrictions. This is possible due to the fact that the market shows the total net positions of all trading operations on this type of account, which is insured and supported Fort Financial Services.

Trading Conditions & Provisions for a Flex Newbie Account:

  • FLEX type Cent account (floating spread, executed in 1-2 seconds, minimum transaction size 0,01 lot)
  • Deposit currency: USA dollar
  • Market execution
  • Unlimited “life” term for the account
  • Financial support from Fort Financial Services: just a few seconds after a failed transaction, your trading account will automatically be credited with a payment of 10% the recorded loss. (This compensation is calculated only if its size is greater than 1 cent.)
  • Unlimited maximum deposit
  • Leverage 1:1000
  • No swaps (commission for overnight transfer)
  • No annual interest is charged on the balance of the account
  • The maximum amount of simultaneously opened transactions on one trading instrument is 10 lots
  • The maximum amount of open positions is 100 (including pending orders)
  • Welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses are not available for this type of account
  • To open the “Flex Newbie Account”, you must pass the verification process in the Trader's Room
  • Our company has the right to stop accruing compensation and transfer your account to Standard with different conditions, if there is documented evidence of any abuse of the terms of trade or it is evident for the Company that the trader is not a newbie. In this case all previously credited compensations will be cancelled.

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