Volume chart

This is an auxiliary chart which is located under the main and shows what quantity of lots (see) were opened in a chosen period of time. It is portrayed by a bar chart. The higher the bar, the greater the volume of money involved in the market at the moment. Each "Japanes candle" (see) or "bar" (see) on your price chart corresponds to one column of the volume chart. So, if you open a minute (M1) price chart for EUR / USD, each "candle" or "bar" in your chart shows, within which marks the price fluctuated in the past minute. Under each "candle" or "bar" will be bar of volume that will indicate the large or small volume of traders that came into the market (ie risked, invested, or vice versa, waited and watched). So this is how you get a volume chart. When you open the terminal, you can press the key combination Ctrl + L, or you can choose the tab above the price chart and in the dropdown menu click on Volumes. It is important to know that low bars indicate a decreased volume, ie a reduced rate of interest by traders in the current dynamics (for example, that they cease to believe in further growth). Accordingly, in the near future we can expect to see a change in trend or merely a temporary stabilisation of prices at the same level, a flat (see). High bars indicate an increase in trading volume and increase the interest of traders in the current direction of price movement. Accordingly, the trend (see) will most likely be strengthened.

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