Trading session

These are the working hours of the major international marketplaces. These exchanges are oriented by traders in the Forex currency market (see). In your terminal, you can see the moving charts of currency pairs are not very active at night, when the Asian session opens with exchanges in Tokyo and Singapore (it's 1:00 am Moscow time). It ends at 10:00 MSK with the trading close in Hong Kong. Then the most active market changes begin with the European session, which opens with the Exchange in London (8:00 MSK) and runs until 16:00 MSK. It coincides with the opening of the American session when the New York Stock Exchange opens at 14:00. The hot bidding process continues until 23:00 MSK when the Exchange in Chicago closes. With the end of the American session comes "night", the Pacific Rim is the most peaceful time in the foreign exchange market, and you can see that in your terminal. It begins at 21:00 MSK and continues until 5 a.m., when the exchange closes in Wellington and Sydney.

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