Stop-Loss Order

This is the most simple and effective way to avoid huge losses. You set a stop-loss when opening a deal on any tool. That is you expect what size of loss you are willing to incur if the price moves against you and at this level just put the limit line, as a stop-loss. Please note that the price is subject to fluctuations, sometimes quite strongly, while not fundamentally altering its direction. Therefore put the stop loss so that the first jump of the price will not lead to the closing of your transaction, but you do not lose all your money, so wait until the price goes back to the desired direction. Also note that in the course of trade, you can rearrange the stop-loss and take-profit, depending on the market situation. For example, if you are already in the black, say, 30 points, move the stop loss in their "plus" zone so that you have in any case already been guaranteed income from the transaction. If you do not want to make such manipulation by hand, there is an order called a "Trailing Stop" (see).

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