Short position

This is a type of purchase transaction in your terminal. To "take a short position", you need to click on "New Order" on the top panel above the price chart and then, in the dialogue box, select the button “Sell”. Please note that your transaction on the sale starts with a price a little above that which you now see on the chart - with the Bid (see). At the beginning of the transaction you will find yourself with a small loss - do not worry, it is the broker's commission, which is called the "spread" (see). This is called a"Short" position on the sale because prices on the Forex market (see) tend to grow slowly and then drop quickly. It is therefore considered that earning money by selling is easier and faster than by buying. This is a “short”: opened, earned, closed. Although, of course it is seldom this simple. A purchase transaction that operates on the opposite principles is called a long position (see).

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