This is the opening of aconditional deal to sell an tool at the demanded price (Bid - see). This price is always a bit higher than the market price. The difference between the prices is called the "spread" (see). This is commission, which is taken by the broker (see) on the opening of your transaction. Sale also called the "short position" (see), because To sell any tool you need to press "New Order" on the top panel of the price chart in your terminal. In the new window you will see the level of the Bid , at which you have to buy. Once this price has been arranged, click on “Sell”. Just pay attention to what volume (see) of transactions you have set up. If it is too big, you could either not have enough money in your account to open a trade, or the risks could be too high. The most secure transaction is not of a whole lot (see), but parts.

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