This is trading strategy, which is to build a "pyramid" of transactions, with each trade "covering" the next. For example, you opened the the order (see) to buy when the price was at the level of 1.56. First the price chart went up and you earned, but then suddenly it changed course and dropped to 1.46. However, you are sure that the price will return and continue to move up, so as to minimise your losses and at the same time make more money, you open another position to buy at 1.46. Now you have two open positions. If your prediction is correct and the price will start to grow again, when it comes to the level of 1.56, for the first deal you will go to zero, and the second will earn 10 points. If the upward movement will continue in the future, you'll earn on the first transaction and the second. However, if the price goes down, you'll also lose the two transactions at once. Professional traders do not highly respect similar trade tactics, due to its amateurish nature and the uncertainty in its strategy. Most often, pyramiding leads to rapid loss of all funds in the account.

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