Price Chart

This is a graphic representation of how a price has changed over an amount of time. If you open any tool in your terminal, you will see a broken line, this is the price chart. If it is not a public holiday, to the right of the graph price changes can be seen literally every second and with them the graph. At the bottom, below the line graphs are intervals by days: today, yesterday, a month ago, a year ago, etc. The view chart changes, if we choose to view different time intervals, time frames (see). You will see the variety by clicking a button on the top bar of your terminal. Click on М1 to see the prices changes inside every minute. This chart is the most accurate and detailed. M5, M15 and M30 show changes over every 5, 15 and 30 minutes respectively. H1 and H4 will present changes over one or four hours, W1 shows the weekly graph changes and MN is the most global of all, as it shows the price changes by month. On the same top bar, you can choose the form in which the graph will be displayed for you: whether it be bars (see) or "Japanese candles" (see), or it will just be a straight line. Incidentally, most traders believe the most informative and visual are the "Japanese candles". Let's say that one minute a "candle" appears on the chart ("to close"), every minute on the hour, every hour. The formation of white "candles" show that the price of this period of time increased, and black or coloured "candles"show that the price was lowered. Also the lower and upper limits of the candles show what range the price went in the meantime.

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