This is a personal trading program that is designed for managers (see), investment managers (see) and traders (see), that runs alongside multiple accounts. In fact, it is a platform to access international markets, as well as a regular trading terminal (see), it contains all the features and tools of Metatrader 4.0 (see). In addition, several trading accounts can be used through a Multiterminal, up to 128 in a single server without opening a huge number of tabs. It is convenient because at the touch of a button you can send a trading order (see) to several accounts, and the MultiTerminal is able to automatically allocate the value of the order in accordance with the current profit, balance or surplus funds of each of the customer accounts. Another plus is that you can view all of your transaction history in a Multiterminal. If you want to run the MultiTerminal Fort Financial Services MetaTrader 4.0, you can download it from our site.

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