Japanese candles

This a kind of chart of each time period on the price chart. Each candle is similar to the box: with a wick at the top and shadow at the bottom. Japanese traders came up with these candles for visible calculations. To date, this is one of the most convenient and informative ways of monitoring how a price moves in a certain period of time. Each rectangular candlestick shows how the price changed for a fixed time (it all depends on what time frame - see you've chosen). Black candles show that in that period of quotation (see) the tool decreased and white show that it increased. The "wick" of each candle (vertical bar at the top) shows the level to which the price managed to climb for a while, and the "shadow" bar under the candle indicates the point it dropped to during that time. The "body" of the candle also speaks volumes. The upper limit shows the quotes in that period for the tool that began trading and the lower bound shows on what mark it finished when the time period ended. More information about Japanese candles can be found in the book “Japanese candlestick charting techniques” by Steeve Nison.

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