Investment manager

They analyse where the most profitable areas to invest a client's money, provide reports and make predictions. And they are not just roadmaps for investment (currency, stocks or metals), they also select shares of specific companies, certain currency pairs and they decide the period for which it is most advantageous to buy gold, in order to sell at a higher price. Such a manager can help the client make the investment portfolio, which could be either shares or currency or a few tools from different fields. Also the manager periodically helps the client to reform their portfolio by selling some tools (when it's time), and buying others. However, the investment manager can work not only as an independent expert, but in the company of the analyst, a lawyer and a trader who, in fact, performs all operations and transactions of purchase and sale. In this case, the client acts as a passive investor or just partially interested in what happens to his assets, or making a profit from the work of specialists. Of course, for their work, managers have a pre-agreed fee. To find out more about the investment process, read the book “Rich Dad's guide to investing” by R. Kiyosaki and T. Wheeler.

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