This is the investment of money into any project with the expectation of getting income over time. The purchase of shares (see) is an investment in securities. You get them now and wait for a time when they grow up in price to sell. Investment, in fact is an investment in future, this is the money that will work for you. Typically, traders (see) become investors (see) when buying gold (see) and silver (see), stocks and bonds (see), futures (see), or invest in a PAMM account (see). There are short-term investments (when profits should be made within one or two months) and long term (when the investor is going to constantly receive passive income for several years, or it is ready to wait for the moment to make a one-time large and successful transaction). Some traders put a portion of the available capital in a bank account, but with Fort Financial Services there is no longer such a need. The company charges a monthly amount based on the balance of your active trading account 10% per annum (if the account is in dollars, euros or rubles) and 5% for Cent accounts in USD and EUR. More information can be found in our description of account types.

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