This is a special facility where at certain times (exchange session - see) transactions take place. This is a really marketplace, it's decided into parts for different independent trades. “Sell!” and “Buy!” are shouted here. This is done by representatives of buyers and sellers of particular products. For the successful trade of goods on the exchange, there are several employees of the exchange (brokers see, dealers see) who control the organisation and of course there is the necessary equipment. Before the mass availability of computers, the transactions were made orally and at a clearly specified time. Now, the vast majority of trades are held in electronic form using personal trading terminals (see). Exchanges are divided into several types depending on what products they trade in. There is the commodity exchange (see), the stock exchange (see) and the currency exchange (see). Exchanges themselves receive income in the form of commission from each transaction. Other source of financial inflows may be from membership fees, fees for access to trading or, for example, the sale of market data.

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