This is a certain way of analysing the behavior of prices on the Forex market (see). Its essence lies in the fact that quite often a graph fluctuates between two contingent lines, which represent a channel and the price does not pass through the upper line or through the lower. This is called "trading in a channel", and this channel is called a "trend" (see). It can show the direction of price movement upwards ("bottom-up" - see), downwards ("top-down" - see), or just to the side, almost horizontally ("flat" - see). You can draw the channel lines yourself, it does not appear on the graph. To do this, open your terminal (см.). In the highest menu, find the “Insert” tab and then “Lines”. From these choose the one that is most appropriate under the existing price movement: "horizontal" lines will outline flats, "trend line" you can set the way you want, and "angle of trend line" further indicates how many degrees one line differs from another. This can be useful to professional traders (see) for specific trading strategies.

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