Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can not be cashed. This currency exists only in the network, it is not directly tied to real funds, but with this type of currenсy you can make various transactions on the Internet. Cryptocurrency can not be falsified, stolen or copied. it is protected by cryptography.

Cryptocurrency is an absolutely new trend in the financial world, rapidly gaining popularity among investors. "Virtual money" became the main opening of 2017 due to impressive return on investment - more than 4 times increase of all digital assets. Therefore, trade in cryptocurrency is gaining popularity among traders, of which more than 25% do not work with any other assets.

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In order to gain profit trading cryptocurrencies at FortFS you do not need a digital wallet or specialized technology to keep it safe. All you need is a trading account in our company. With FortFS you can get access to 8 major cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization - Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dashcoin, Zcash, Monero.


Terms of trading on cryptocurrencies

Leverage: up to 1:3
Type of spread: Floating (FORT, FLEX)
The minimum volume of the transaction: 0.01 lot
The maximum volume of the transaction: 100 lots
Commission: 1.5% of the nominal value of the contract

Calculation of the commission is given on the example of Bitcoin. The company charges a commission of 1.5% of the nominal value of the contract. Nominal value = contract size x value of currency.

Symbol: BTCUSD
Contract Size: 1 BTC
Current price: $6000
The trader decided to buy 0.01 lots

Nominal value = 0.01 lot x $6000 = $60
The company's commission will be 1.5% of the face value = $60 x 1.5% = $0.9

* In order to protect the funds of the clients the Company reserves the right to increase the margin requirements for cryptocurrencies in 2 hours before the end of trading session during both weekends and holidays for already opened as well as for newly placed positions.

* The Company reserves the right to limit the profits on the positions opened on cryptocurrencies and close them by the current market price in case the current Profit/Loss exceeds the margin requirements needed to place such order more than 3 times