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This is an indicator of how things are in the financial markets or in a particular industry. First, the function of indeчes is purely informative: if their value increases, it means that the set of quotations (see) in the market grew, and if it decreases it shows things are not so good in a certain sector of the economy. On the basis of the price chart motioin, analysts were making their predictions as to how to index will behave. Now you can trade on indexes, buy contracts on them to sell for a higher price in the future. These types of contracts are called futures. If you turn on any index in the investment portfolio (see), it can become a real reference for selecting stocks (see) from branch companies, which now feel more stable and are even thriving. There are several types of indeces. Among them are: global (calculated using the same methodology for all sectors of the market), free (only shares that are in free circulation), regional (calculated in different countries) and sectoral (calculated on the basis of a company's share a particular industry). The most popular use of indexes is in the stock market, these are called stock indexes. Indexes can also be found for the commodity and currency markets, for example the dollar index. In addition, there are price indexes (see), indicators that feel the very first increases in the level of inflation in a country. Conditional contracts on indexes can be traded in the Fort Financial Services terminal. To see a list of available indexes you do the following. To the left of the chart price window you will see an icon called "Symbols". Right click on “symbols”. Before you will be a list of types of tools, and the very first of them - Indexes (Indexes). Click on the plus and you will see them all. Please note that trade indexes can only be for whole lots (see): 1, 2, 3, etc.

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