According to the US Labor Department the Initial Jobless Claims fell by 16.000 to 269.000 from 285,000 the previous week. Analysts had expected a reduction by 4.000 to 281.000.

Despite the Asian sales the, European markets today attempt to grow. Trading day ended negatively for Europe and the indices renewed the minimums of 2013 based on the strengthening Euro and problems with the securities of the banking sector and sales of commodity shares.

Yesterday, the European stock market attempted a correction. Based on the local recovery of the financial sector investors used speculations about the possible increase of support measures by the European regulator. Being near the support levels the US market tried to recover using the yesterday's speech of the Federal Reserves’ head Janet Yellen.

By the end of Tuesday the market remained under pressure. The factors contributing the decrease remained the same: the stronger drop of the oil market, the weakening of the European banks, the strengthened Euro negatively affecting Europe and lastly the sings of the economic slowdown in the US, which gives the possiblity of postponing the interest rate increase in March,  which could have been a positive signal to the market.

On Monday, the global markets continued to decline, however the US exchanges managed to recover from the minimum levels that the indices reached during the day, and Europe went through large-scale sales. The oil market managed to maintain a relative stability yesterday by being traded in the area of 32.80-33.20 dollars per barrel.

On the last day of the past week the global markets were declining. The American and the European markets decreased side by side with the commodity exchanges. The US hi-tech NASDAQ dropped by 3.25%, SP 500 and DOW dropped sharply too. The reason for another crush of the markets was the unemployment statistics in the USA.

The NFP has grown less than we expected. According to the US Labor Statistics Bureau the NFP came in at 151K against the previous 262K. Experts expected a growth by 190K.

Yesterday, the stock markets showed a mixed dynamic. The European exchanges could not develop a positive trading however, they managed to close near the opening levels. The German was at DAX -0.4% and the French was at CAC-40 0%.

Yesterday, the European markets continued to trade negatively. The released PMI data for a number of countries was, as expected, weak. The weak corporate reports continued to pressure the indices of the Old World. As a  result yesterday's data, the main benchmarks in the region closed negatively with a minus -1.5% -2%.

Yesterday, the stock markets in Europe and USA suffered severe losses due to the weakened oil market, as well as weak corporate reports of the oil giants such as BP and ExxonMobil. America was negatively closed and was not able to stabilize above the important psychological levels (1900 points for SP 500, 1600 for DOW).