Weekly reviews

The market continues to closely monitor the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on economic activity in key regions of the world.

A nervous attitude remains on the financial markets.

The situation on the financial markets has gradually stabilized.

The upcoming trading week is likely to be the most exciting of all of 2020. There has never been such a concentration of important economic and political events this year.

The market froze in anticipation of the main event of the fall - the US presidential election. As a warm up before the election there will be meetings of three Central Banks at once and a fairly large block of important macroeconomic statistics from the United States.

The market tensions remain high. Investors are reacting negatively to reports of tightening quarantine measures in EU countries.

The focus of the market attention is still the news from the United States. Investors have reacted positively to Donald Trump's quick recovery, but bitter political struggles in the US are severely limiting investor risk appetite.

Investors abandoned risky assets amid sharply increased uncertainty in the US election race.

In the United States, the focus will remain on the internal political battles, but the latest macroeconomic statistics can also significantly affect the dynamics of the market. The central event of the week will be the September report on the labor market.

How likely is the dollar to fall?