Weekly reviews

A truly stunning effect on the gold market was made by the shutdown of gold processing companies. 

The analytical department of the broker FortFS decided to think critically - is the coronavirus so terrible and is panic appropriate?

The world is looking forward to the start of the grand international exhibition World Expo-2020 in Dubai, which will last almost 6 months, from October 2020 to April 2021.


January 2020 was marked by turbulent events for the oil market.


Golden rally - so you can christen 2019. 

Against the backdrop of difficult negotiations on how the divorce of the once-lasting marriage between the EU and the UK will take place, there may be a misleading impression that Europe is a victim in this situation, and Boris Johnson arrogantly and inexorably leads Britain away from the “decaying and old” Europe in a kind of "bright future."

An agreement among European central banks to restrict the sales of gold was concluded in 1999. 

So, the fourth quarter is fast approaching, which means that there are only 3 months left before summing up and evaluating the effectiveness of portfolio management in 2019 by Wall Street financial funds.

No one is shocked by Donald Trump’s harsh statements about the “erroneous” and “catastrophic” monetary policy of the Fed. During the entire presidential term, there were not a single month so that Trump has not brought down streams of criticism against not only the Fed, but also personally against Chairman Jerome Paul.

Expectations of a meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping limited the volatility of financial markets last week