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Who scares people with covid-19?

First of all, we suggest referring to the statistics of past epidemics of similar viruses. For example, the highly pathogenic «Bird Flu» H5N1 has a mortality rate of 52.8 percent. This means that every second infected person died. But no one panicked in the world when this virus claimed tens of thousands of lives just a few years ago. No one screamed about the global world disaster! Another good example is «Swine Flu»: a mortality rate of 17 percent, three times higher than that of the current coronavirus. And for some reason no one also screamed about it as a global catastrophe.
Take a look at H1N1 flu, its "track record" has names of all the cities of Southeast Asia and many others. Even Moscow it has in records. In 2002, scientists isolated a new variant of the H1N1 virus, which was named "Moscow" in WHO. Just like the A (H1N1) 2009 «California» virus, it was isolated in USA a little bit later. These viruses were spread all over the globe - which meant a pandemic. However, no one was hysterical about this pandemic.
Let's think - who today became interested in scaring people? Who benefits from worldwide panic?
Obviously, frightened people are much easier to manipulate! Maybe for political purposes, maybe for other purposes - we don’t know.
The fact that today the hype around this virus is artificially fueled is already clear to many clever people. Either politicians need this, or some gray cardinals of finance world - we don’t know. But some games around this virus are launched, including pumping money out of people! People are rushing up to buy medications. Someone offers them masks at crazy prices! Some stores are out of stocks of disinfectant, personal protective equipment, special suits and so on. From the outside it may seem that the world is going crazy.
We are not doctors, but based on the past statistics and analysis of what is happening, we assume that the fear around the coronavirus is greatly exaggerated and we are sure that in a few months the mass hysteria will decline!
We wish you all good health and prosperity!