Weekly reviews

New Week's Review 20.05-26.05

Next week we follow the speeches of the Head of ECB and the Federal Reserve Board and the publication of minutes of the regulators' meetings

1. We are expecting the publication of the minutes of the FOMC meeting

2. On Monday, Jerome Powell will give a speech

3. Mario Draghi is scheduled to speak on Wednesday

4. The minutes of the ECB meeting will be made public on Thursday

Last week the important economic news in the market were sparse, so the main influence on trading was made by geopolitical news. This week geopolitical events will still have a rather strong impact on the trading dynamics, but at the same time, there are several important news in the economic calendar that can significantly change the balance of power in the market.

Traditionally, investors will focus on the policies of two of the world's most influential central banks, the ECB and the Fed. Minutes from recent regulatory meetings may have a significant impact on the currency market, as well as the speeches of Mario Draghi and Jerome Powell. Traders will also follow the publication of some statistics from the EU and the US.

Monday, May 20

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia - a day off.

Japan will release preliminary data on GDP for the 1st quarter of 2019, and industrial production report for March.

The Fed Head Jerome Powell will start his speech at 23:00 GMT

Tuesday, May 21

The UK will hold hearings on the inflation report.

Data on sales in the secondary housing market will be released in the U.S. and a speech by a member of the FOMC Rosengren will be held.

Wednesday, May 22

In Japan, trade balance data will be presented.

At 07:00 GMT Mario Draghi, Head of ECB, will start his speech.

Great Britain will present data on consumer price index for April.

Data on oil reserves will be published in the U.S., and at 18:00 on GMT will be released the minutes of the last meeting of the FOMC.

Thursday, May 23

In Germany, a large block of economic statistics will be published, which will include data on GDP for the 1st quarter, indexes from the IFO Institute and preliminary data on PMI of the production and service sectors.

On the same day, the EU will release PMI for the manufacturing and services sector, the minutes of the last ECB meeting and the ECB report on financial stability.

Among the most important events in the U.S. are the publication of new housing sales data, preliminary PMI data if the production and service sectors, and statements by FOMC representatives.

Friday, May 24

Retail sales report will be presented in the UK.

In the US, data on the orders for durable goods will be presented.

In addition to economic news, the focus will remain on geopolitical news. Here, the news related to world trade and Brexit may have the strongest impact on trading.