Technical analytics

Bids around 1.3050 rejected the pound and helped buyers to reverse some ground. 

The euro keeps trading in a new sideways channel between 1.1640 and 1.1670. 

Buyers’ attempt to regain the 6320 level failed.


DAX started the day in the red. 

The AUD/USD pair continued its neutral-to-bearish trades being sandwiched between 0.7700 and 0.7650. 

The euro recovery move stalled around 132.50.

Buyers’ attempt to recover stalled in the 150.00 region.

USD/JPY stuck between two marks: 113.50 and 113.00. 

The pound turned bearish in the 1.3200 region when the major touched the 200-EMA. 

The EUR/USD pair recovery was stopped by the 100-EMA in the 1.1670 region.