Technical analytics

A bid tone around Brent helped the benchmark to refresh highs. 

The softer tone in the US Dollar allowed gold to reverse some losses. 

Sellers keep pushing the US dollar out of the ascending channel. 

Buyers managed to extend a recovery and pushed the pair to the 1.3150 hurdle.  

Sellers managed to regain the level 1.1600 and pushed the spot to 1.1585 where the euro ran through fresh bids and bounced back. 

The EUR/USD pair traded neutral the first part of the day. 

The pound returned some ground on Monday.

The US dollar tried to extend its upward trajectory in the night and grew to 114.74, where the spot ran through fresh offers and eased. 

The GBP/JPY is neutral due to traditional Monday's inactivity.

A night recovery stalled at 133.00 when a bout of fresh selling pressure turned the market around.