Technical analytics

The AUD sellers are back in action and are doing their best to move the price as low as it is possible. 


DAX started the day on a positive note.

The upward momentum was strong enough and allowed S&P500 to conquer new highs. 

Fresh bids around 56.50 helped Brent to get some traction.

Gold recovery stalled at 1290 where the pair faced some selling rejection.

Buyers extended the upward trajectory and pushed the pair to 113.50 on Friday and continued their advance on Monday. 

The overall picture remained negative. However, buyers could win some time when pushed the pound to the upper limit of the downward channel and broke the line. 

Buyers lost control over the market after touching 1.1850.

The euro changed its undertone and turned bearish in the Asian session. 

The negative bias prevails and keeps the pound in the red.