24, July 2013

USD/JPY (a 4-hour chart)

USD/JPY (a 4-hour chart)

General Overview

The pair continued lowering. Asian stock indices showed an increase in expectation of further interest rate liberalization in China, as well as the rapid growth of the Japanese economy. Kuroda, head of the Bank of Japan said that the Bank of Japan was going to continue soft monetary policy.

The upward movement will be relevant as long as the price is above Kijun-sen. The price broke through the Cloud and it is being traded above it right now. The Cloud is neutral.

Chinkou Span is below the price, which confirms the current sell signal and indicates a bearish market sentiment of the pair.

Bollinger Bands show a continuation of the upward movement.
MACD is on the zero level.

Trading Recommendations

Even in a compressed recovery caused by the "bullish" divergence according to the index RSI, upside potential of the pair USD - JPY limited by serious resistance at 100.15.

We recommend emphasis on "short" positions below 100.15 with the guidelines on the levels of support for 99.2 and 98.9.

The penetration of the pivot above 100.15 would entail a move to resistance levels at 100.65 and 100.85.