02, July 2014

USD/JPY (a 4-hour chart)

USD/JPY (a 4-hour chart)

General Overview

The yen strengthened against the dollar in the last session. However, the yen achievements were less ambitious than the majors. Probably the stalled decline in the U.S. "Treasuries" yields and a slight Japanese stock market increase restrained the "bulls" ardor on the yen. The BoJ report showed a sharp deterioration in business sentiment after the recent increase in the sales tax.

The price consolidation in the 101.25 mark was the signal for the short-term price pullback up. The U.S. dollar growth against the yen hit a strong resistance level to which bulls have come at reduced volumes.

The price is finding the support at 101.00. The price is finding the first resistance at 101.60, the next one is at 102.23. There is a confirmed and strong sell signal. The price is under the Cloud and it is under the Chinkou Span. The downward movement will be until the price is under the Kijun-Sen. The MACD indicator is in the negative territory.

Trading recommendations

The downward movement will be continued. The pair may go to 101.00 soon.