21, January 2014

USD/CHF (a 4- hour chart)

USD/CHF (a 4- hour chart)

General Overview

The price is directed upwards. Chinkou Span is above the price. The price is above the cloud.

The northern movement is remained until Kijun-Sen is located below the price. Tenkan-sen is crossing Kijun sen upwards. The cloud is growing.

Bollinger bands still show an upward movement.
MACD histogram is located in the positive zone. The histogram is growing.

Trading recommendations

The pair continued its growth, having reached the resistance 0.9090. This level managed still well with its role and does not let the U.S. currency to go higher. But it is obvious that “bulls” intend to retreat, therefore risks of the level breakout remain. The dollar can grow to the area 0.9205–0.9225.