02, June 2014

USD/CHF (a 4 hour chart)

USD/CHF (a 4 hour chart)

General overview

The Japanese currency was no exception and also ended the last session at the near opening prices after the multidirectional consolidation against the dollar. In this case, the main volatility cause was the U.S. debt market events which almost always affect the dollar/yen. Japan published news set from the previous month. The inflation dynamics and demand for yen was influenced by the sales tax increased in April, not from the Japan Bank's measures.

The price is finding the first support at 101.60, the next one is at 101.00. The price is finding the first resistance at 102.23, the next one is at 103.00.

There is a non-confirmed and weak buy signal. The price is above the Cloud and it is above the Chinkou Span. The uptrend movement will be until the price is above the Kijun-Sen.

The MACD indicator is in neutral territory.

Trading recommendations

The indicators do not give certain signals. The market content is bearish though the pair is in the upward movement. The potential sell target is 101.60.

The alternative growth variant is 1021.23.