02, January 2014

USD/CHF (a 4- hour chart)

USD/CHF (a 4- hour chart)

General Overview

According to UBS the consumption level increased in Switzerland in November. Analysts believe this is a positive factor as private consumption has an important role in Swiss GDP creation in these conditions.

Researchers noted a good pre-Christmas trade, according to them in the near future, the high rate of the Swiss franc will not disturb retailers.

The price is directed upwards. Chinkou Span is above the price. The price is above the cloud.

Northern movement is remained until Kijun-Sen is located below the price. Tenkan-sen is growing, Kijun sen is horizontal. The cloud is growing.

Bollinger bands show the beginning of the upward movement.
MACD histogram crossed the zero line upwards and it is located in the positive zone and below its signal line.

Trading recommendations

We believe that the pair is to continue its growth. The pair left the cloud, a brief consolidation is possible and we expect a growth then. The first goal is 0.8990, after that a 0.9040 goes.