Technical analytics

BTCUSD market technical outlook


Daily chart:

Bitcoin quotes continue to fluctuate within horizontally located Bollinger bands (the range of $3752-4073 for a coin).

At the same time we need to note a relatively small volatility, when boundaries of the range are not being tested for a long period of time. Thus, the main events are taking place (and apparently will keep on this tendency) at the area of middle Bollinger band (3917).


Local sideways trading range doesn’t exceed $50 (3890-3940), that complicates speculative trading of this asset. ADX indicator resides in a very weak zone, therefore likelihood of flat continuation should be regarded as prevailing.


Intraday the Bollinger bands offer the market even narrower range 3904-3932. Volatility rises from time to time, that can be well seen in shape of specific “tails” of the bars. However in general tendency for flat retains.


Continuation of flat in the 3904-3932 range.

Trading recommendations: Absent.