Technical analytics

Candlestick chart analysis of Brent


Bulls preserved control and kept battling with the 61.50 level. They lacked momentum to overcome this barrier and held the benchmark in a tight range: 61.50-60.50.

The EMA200 is still defending the 61.50 level. The EMA100 remained in the 57.50 area, acting as an additional support. The EMA50 is moving upwards, the EMA100 changed its course and is growing right now, while the EMA200 is still bearish. MACD remained at the same level which confirms the strength of buyers. The indicator Stochastic consolidated in the overbought levels. The resistance stands at 61.50, the support is at 59.50.

The "Three inside up" pattern is still active. It is a bullish pattern and we expect the benchmark to overcome 61.50 and will move towards 63.50.

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