Who are we?

We are Fort Financial Services, a brokerage company that helps investors start trading on the interbank market. And it doesn’t even matter how much money you put into your account initially. It may only take a small amount of money to start earning a profit. This market exists for the precise reason to earn profit by buying different instrument at lower price and selling them at higher prices. The worldwide economy stands on this principle and you can make your contribution to increase it and get your share of this ocean of money. When we mentioned products earlier, we weren’t of course talking about buying physical products and taking them home in boxes to store them until you find a buyer. Things are rather arbitrary in the financial market where benefit is derived from the difference of prices, i.e.; exchange rates (or metals, oil, stocks, indices, etc). These prices change every second — sometimes they rise and sometimes they fall. This whole process is much easier these days. You no longer have to fly across the ocean to an Exchange house like investors did in the early days. Now all you have to do is download a free program called the trading terminal. Thanks to the trading terminal, you can begin trading from anywhere in the world; from your office or from home, from the sea or from a cabin in the woods. The only requirement is to have access to the Internet. That is how millions of people around the world are trading on worldwide financial markets from their desktops, their laptops, their tablets and even their smartphones. Join them now!

What instruments can be traded in the financial markets?

On the international market, millions of traders are profiting from fluctuating currency exchange rates, changing costs of crude oil, gold, silver, stocks of major companies and many different products — coffee, wheat, corn, etc. A complete list can be found in your terminal, once downloaded. We’ll talk more about that later.

How do you get started?

The only things you need to get started trading on the world’s markets is the trading terminal, which requires only internet access, and a desire to start making money. The Terminal allows you to monitor changes in the prices of each instrument – how much sellers are currently selling them and how much buyers are currently willing to buy them. You can start buying and selling, and you don't even need to have a warehouse filled with oil or corn, or a safe full of different currencies. As we mentioned earlier, on the financial markets everything is arbitrary – except for profits and losses – and you need to be mentally prepared to deal with both of them because both are inevitable, especially to the beginning trader. But don’t panic! You will never lose more than you are willing to risk on the market. We’ll show you how to minimize losses a little later, but first let’s answer what is probably the most important question on you mind:

How much money do you need to get started? This may surprise you, but it does not take as much as you might think. As we mentioned earlier, the trading terminal is completely free to download. After you download and install the terminal, you begin training with a demo account. It’s up to you to decide how much virtual money you want to deposit in your demo account. This training will help you get acquainted with the Terminal, try some simple trades, work with advisers and conduct your first market analysis. When you feel more confident and want to try out your new skills on the real market, you open an account with our company and we give you a $5 trading bonus to welcome you as a client. This trading bonus means that you can start trading without worrying about losing your money – you can start trading with our money. Soon you will start to realize that being a trader isn’t scary after all; it’s actually very interesting! You can learn more about this welcome bonus by clicking here.

How to download the Terminal?

It is very easy and we offer different versions, depending on the type of device you will be using to trade: desktop computer (laptop) or mobile device. We also offer the MultiTerminal on our site, which is handy if you have several accounts and plan to actively trade on all of them. The MultiTerminal will allow you to track and monitor all your accounts. You can download our most popular and easy-to-use trading terminal, MetaTrader 4, right now.

FortFs MT4 Terminal: Download terminal
FortFs MultiTerminal: Download terminal

Mobile versions:

iPhone, iPad: Android:
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How to install the Terminal?

Choose "Save file" from the pop-up window, and then double-click to start the installation. Press “Next” after the welcome screen.

Agree to the licensing agreement and then click "Next" again.

Choose an installation folder on your computer…

and after the installation is complete, click "Finish."

How to open a demo account?

When the Terminal starts for the first time, you will be automatically prompted to open a demo account, but if you accidentally close this window, it might get a little confusing:

To manually open a new demo account (you can have as many as you like), select “Open an account” from the “File” menu.

Even though this account is for training purposes and the data is fictional, be sure to enter your real e-mail address in order to receive important news and messages from us.

In the "Deposit" field, choose one of the preset amounts or manually enter any amount that you wish. We don’t recommend choosing huge amounts (like $10 Million) because it won’t help you to learn trading in real market. Generally, it’s best not to choose more than $ 5000. That is more than enough for you to learn everything you need to learn to start trading for real.

The “Leverage” field. To be honest, not even all active traders know what it is. But you will find out very soon – we’ll describe it in detail a little bit later. In the meantime, let's finish opening our demo account and leave the leverage ratio set to the default value of 1: 1000. Click the check box next to the phrase that you agree to receive news by email, then click "next" then "next" again and finally you will see this screen:...

We recommend you to save your Login details (both username and password) of your demo- account for later use. This disciplines you because in case of each new unprofitable trade you will open a new demo- account with 5000$ balance you won’t learn how to trade on the market. By the way, please note that your account has two passwords: one normal password for you to use for trading and another one called the “investor’s” password (you can give it to your friends and they can view your account and your trading, but will not be able to change anything). That’s all! Press "Finish." Congratulations! You have now officially joined the international community of traders! Now let’s learn how to trade!

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