Fundamental analytics

Yes, the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean that levels of activity are constant.

Futures for US indices fell sharply, anticipating a negative Wall-Street start after the expected statistics showed that consumer prices in January in the US rose more than expected in the consensus forecast.

On Tuesday, European equity markets attempted to recover some ground with technical rebound on  background of oversold indices.

Asian equity markets were mixed on Wednesday, with the dollar falling to multi-months lows against the yen and as traders awaited high-impact economic reports later in the day.

Just hear this. CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken Jesse Powell said in a recent interview...

For long-term investors who have recently complained that stock markets are too expensive, and opening of medium- and long-term positions at such levels is dangerous, last week provided some basis for consideration.

On Monday, global stock markets gained and pulled back from local minimums amid a better general market sentiment and a return to risk appetite.

Asian markets extended gains on Tuesday, as global stock markets began to recover last Friday after experiencing almost a week of losses in the light of a massive sell-off.

​So let’s be honest. You’ve decided to become a part-time Forex trader for two reasons...

Today the most important market event is market stability (at least in European trading) after the volatility, sale-off and risk-off at last week.