Fundamental analytics

The head of a Japan Bank Haruhiko Kuroda announced today that despite economic problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the regulator has not changed inflation targets and will still aim to reach the 2% mark.


Oil market is slightly lower on Wednesday amid growing fears associated with the onset of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the publication of disappointing API data on the dynamics of US oil reserves.    


Gold is still constrained in a fairly narrow range, remaining above the $ 1,700 mark. 

The conflict between official Beijing and Washington is growing.


On Tuesday, the oil market is constrained in a fairly narrow range. 


Gold restores lost positions due to growing fears about the start of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April, China 's producer price index has fell by 3.1% by the reason of extreamly sharp fall in domestic and external demand. 


Oil market starts the trading week in the red zone. 


Gold is constrained above $ 1,700. 

The situation on financial markets remains difficult. Macroeconomic statistics show a record decline in economic activity in key regions of the world.