Fundamental analytics

After yesterday's strong sale-off in US equities, today stock indices have adjusted somewaht and are trying to bounce off from yearly lows. 

Yesterday, US equity exchanges showed very strong sales, as US stock indexes fell to their lowest levels in 2018. For the main US index it is an area of 2560 points and total for the year SP 500 fell by 14%. 

There are many good reasons that make investors be cautious about risk at the beginning of the week, so stock markets would decline at the beginning of the week, however despite risk-off mode US dollar is slightly weaker on Monday. 

Global market activity is declining as investors approach the end of the year. 

Global equity markets traded under strong pressure on Friday, as weak data from China and Europe heightened concerns about the outlook for the global economy, besides there is some expert outlooks that demonstrates an increase in the risk of recession in the United States. 

After three days of mini rally, equity markets have moved to a decline having failed to maintain the gains of the previous sessions.

Today, the markets remain optimistic, equities are showing growth around the globe. 

Positive sentiment is returning back to the markets - on Thursday, global stock markets continue to gain.

Until now, there is no sign that the arrest of Huawei’s CFO will disrupt trade negotiations and agreements between the United States and China. 

Volatility in the markets continues to be high.