Fundamental analytics


USD / JPY pair is still moving generally with a side orientation on the background of new drivers luck in the market for the formation of a trend movement.


On Tuesday, European currency showed a significant drawdown against the dollar, as Euro lost in price more than 0.6%. 

Tuesday's trading session is interesting and promises to be volatile. 

Future for US equity index indicate a positive start of general Wall-Street session. After yesterday's negative session caused by weak economic data from China and weak numbers on industrial production in Europe, on Tuesday, US indices look are set to show a positive daily dynamic.


At Tuesday market session, the cryptocurrency market is recovering as part of a technical correction

The phase of recent volatile equities growth, declining yields and a weaker dollar may end. SP 500 index recovered 38.2% of its fall from a record high in September

After several days of growth in global equity markets, on Friday a correctional decline of world equity indexes began. 


Digital currencies led by Bitcoin continue to decline actively, being under pressure since the first week of January. 

Optimism amanating from trade negotiations between US and China, 


The cryptocurrency market continues to decline on reports of a possible tightening of regulation, which may further reduce the amount of investment and the interest of traders in the market.