Fundamental analytics

US Vice President Mike Pence rejected the Democrats' initiative to take advantage of the 25 amendment to the constitution and deprive President Donald Trump of powers due to incitement to storm the Capitol last week. 


The GBP / USD pair is showing positive dynamics today due to the weakening of pressure from the dollar.


In Asia, the EUR / USD pair was trading mostly in the red.

Democrats do not abandon attempts to impeach Donald Trump just a week before the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden.


Prices for Brent and WTI crude oil fell by more than 1% on Monday due to heightened concerns about global fuel demand amid tight quarantine restrictions in Europe and new travel restrictions in China, where the number of infected has risen sharply.


On Monday, gold continues to decline due to strengthening dollar and positive dynamics of the movement of US Treasuries. 

At the start of the new trading week, the US dollar continues to strengthen against most major currencies.

After the Christmas and New Year holidays the liquidity returns to the market. 

The first trading week of 2021 was a very mixed week.


The EUR / USD pair continues its moderate decline on Friday amid the recovery of the dollar index.