Fundamental analytics


The pair EUR / USD on Tuesday maintains a downward vector, remaining under strong dollar pressure. 

Speaking to the UN Security Council, US spokeswoman Kelly Kraft said Iran was responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia.


Gold is slightly declining, awaiting the outcome of the FOMC meeting, which will be held September 17-18.  


Oil prices are declining gradually after a solid gap of the quotes to the upside.  


On Monday, EUR / USD is trading in a very narrow range amid the absence of important news in the US and EU economic calendar.  


Gold opens a new trading week with upside gap after attacks on Saudi refineries and the publication of weak macroeconomic data from China.  

September 14 rapidly 10 drones attacked the two largest oil refineries in Saudi Arabia.

The FOMC meeting will be the highlight of the week

As a result of the last meeting, the ECB decided to reduce the interest rate by 0.1% and  resume the stimulus measures to maintain a weakening EU economy.  


The pair EUR / USD on Friday maintains positive dynamics, reacting to the results of the ECB meeting held on the eve.