Fundamental analytics

EUR/USD is trading with a gain around 0.2% on the weakening of the US dollar against major world currencies.


Positive returned to the crypto currency market for the most part amid technical factors as no new real drivers appeared. 

Strengthening of the US dollar continues - today USD dollar index has gained in the zone of 96.75 and continues to grow steadily. 

Corrective mood is being formed today in the equity market, which is taking place amid some easing of Turkey economic problems pressure, but this is more of a respite than a relief.


Over the past 24 hours, the crypto currency market has lost about 23 billion dollars of capitalization, the total market capitalization has declined from $ 217 billion to $ 194 billion, having crossed an important mark of $ 200 billion. Bitcoin fell into the zone of minimums of June 2018, these are famous levels of $ 6000- $ 5800 zone.

The main news of the current week is the continued US currency gains, and the transition of major currencies lower to the annual minimum. 

In the middle of the week, global stock markets retain a relatively positive sentiment; as US dollar is trading near the annual highs, the yield of US 10-year bonds yesterday tried to return to 3% level. 

On Tuesday, US equity markets start of trading occurred in the green and it looks like we are going to see another positive day for the US stock indexes. 


Crypto currencies continues to trade under pressure, despite the fact that the market experienced a slight increase in capitalization over the last trading session.

Today, Germany industrial data were published where the decline in industrial production was registered in June at 0.9%, with the expected decrease of 0.5%, and the trade balance was 19.3B against the expected 21.4B.