Fundamental analytics


While price movements of a few percentage points are enough to believe that a fiat currency is on a rapid rise or intimidating crash, the same logic does not apply to bitcoin. 

Asian markets were mostly higher on Wednesday following a strong lead from Wall Street in the previous session as the global sell-off seems to be losing momentum.

After a sharp drop in US stocks, Asian markets followed the overall sentiment.

Australian Dollar Traders were unsure whether to be bearish or bullish on the currency on Tuesday, leaving it to oscillate up and down against its main counterparts.

On Monday, sale-off in the global equity markets increased.


The price of bitcoin was in a freefall on Tuesday as losses of as much as double digits became the new norm in the highly volatile market in recent trading sessions. 

Asian stock market indexes extended previous session losses on Tuesday, following a second straight weak close in Wall Street as the global sell-off continued to weigh on sentiment.

There is nothing new about it. You’ve heard about it. We’ve heard about it.

The main event of last week smoothly moves into a new trading week.

Forcing the Japanese yen lower is proving to be a monumental task for Japanese policymakers.