Fundamental analytics

When it comes to risk management, everything counts.

Most of the trading week passed under the signs of two sharply negative factors.


Yesterday Bitcoin experienced a large upward impulse, which returned the digital currency back to life.

On Thursday, there was an improvement in the market sentiment.

Asian stock indexes were mostly trading in green territory on Friday, amid an improving market sentiment as trade and war fears eased in the previous session.

There are so many Forex blogs out there. Sometimes I think too many actually.

USD dollar continues to gain on Thursday, and US markets opened high in the green, positively starting a new trading session on Thursday.


A large-scale sharp upward impulse returned Bitcoin market back to life and forced to talk about the global currency number one all the world's news agencies.

On Wednesday, US equity markets continued the trading week with a moderate decline.

Asian equity indexes moved lower on Thursday as market participants felt increasingly worried about a potential military conflict between the United States and Russia over Syria.