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The publication of consumer price indices in the U.S. will be the main event of the coming week 

  1. U.S. Inflation Report

  2. Labour market data from Canada

The risks associated with the slowdown in the global economy are increasing. Among the world's leading countries, the U.S. economy was the only one that demonstrated high growth rates and resilience to external factors. However, as the statistical data published last week showed, in the second half of the year the U.S. economic activity in the key sectors of the economy began to decline.

This week, investors will be closely watching the new macrostatistics data, which will help identify local trends in key regions of the world. The focus will be on the U.S. consumer price index.

Monday, October 7

In China, the day off

In Germany there will be submitted data on production orders for August

Tuesday, October 8

September producer price index expected to be published in the US

Wednesday, October 9

U.S. Department of Energy will publish a weekly report on oil reserves

The Fed will publish the minutes of the last FOMC meeting

Thursday, October 10

The UK will present a large set of statistics, including GDP, industrial output, manufacturing output and trade balance

The United States will report on inflation  

Friday, October 11

Canada to publish September labor market report 


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