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NEW WEEK'S REVIEW 08.07-14.07.2019

During the week of July 8-14, the market will focus on the minutes of the last FOMC and ECB meetings 


  1. Statistics from China

  2. Minutes of the FOMC meeting

  3. Bank of Canada meeting

  4. Minutes of the ECB meeting


Uncertainty regarding further actions of the world's central banks on implementation of the monetary policy continues to grow in the market amidst worsening situation in the international trading and increasing signs of economic slowdown. Therefore, this week investors will closely monitor the new signals of the Central Bank on the possible adjustment of monetary policy in the direction of its mitigation.


Monday, July 8

Industrial production volume in Germany

Tuesday, July 9th

Speech by FOMC member Bostic

Wednesday, July 10

Data on inflation in China is published

The United Kingdom publishes a large block of statistics that includes data on GDP, industrial production, manufacturing production, trade balance

Bank of Canada meeting

Publication of the FOMC meeting minutes

Thursday, July 11th

Publication of ECB meeting minutes

Publication of consumer price index data in the US

Friday, July 12th

China Trade Balance Data

Publication of industrial production data in the EU

In the U.S., data on the Producer Price Index and the Fed's Monetary Policy Report are expected to be published


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