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NEW WEEK'S REVIEW 17.06-23.06.2019

FOMC meeting and a large block of economic statistics from Europe will be the focus of investors' attention during the week of June 17-23

  1. FOMC meeting

  2. The EU inflation report

  3. Bank of England meeting

  4. Bank of Japan meeting

Last week, the market kept the general sideways direction of movement, amidst the lack of important economic information and uncertainty about the future policy of the central banks. This week the Fed, the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan will have meetings, and a number of important economic data will be released, which can considerably increase the volatility of the market movement and may help investors to determine the direction of further movement on major trading instruments.  


Monday, June 17

There will be a hearing in the UK on the inflation report.

Tuesday, June 18

The ZEW Institute will publish indices on current economic conditions and moods in Germany.

The EU will release its inflation report for May.

The U.S. data on the number of issued building permits will be available.

Wednesday, June 19

Japan will publish trade balance data.

In the UK, data on the consumer price index for May will be available.

The report on inflation will be published in Canada.

In the U.S., a meeting of the FOMC will be held, which will result in the decision on the interest rate announcement. Also, the final press conference with the provision of economic forecasts from the regulator will be held.  


Thursday, June 20

Bank of Japan meeting.

Meeting of the Bank of England and publication of retail sales data in the UK.

Production activity indices from Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank will be presented in the USA.


Friday, June 21

In the US and Europe, preliminary PMI data for the manufacturing and service sectors will be released.

The channel will present a report on retail sales

In the U.S., secondary housing market sales data will be available.


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